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Update 12th September 2019: New Dashboard, Settings Area and much more...
Update 12th September 2019: New Dashboard, Settings Area and much more...
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This set of updates is one of the most ambitious we have ever released, as it overhauls two key parts of the system.

1. The Dashboard / MyTrack

What you know as the dashboard has now become more focussed on individual users and their overdue and upcoming items. It is now called MyTrack, it remains your "home" page and we will keep improving it to make it the place you monitor everything you have going on in WeTrack.

This change has happened because we are releasing a brand new dashboard for the Projects and Risks module today. This Dashboard gives a high level overview of progress, with momentum and leaderboard widgets, summaries of milestone and risk progress, as well as other information. 

For more information on the new Dashboard, see this article.

2. Settings Area

The settings area has also been completely rebuilt. Control of settings for the different modules, for managing departments and other system data, and for controlling account and personal settings, all sits within a new settings area which is easier to navigate and more powerful than before. 

While most of this area will only be available to Admin users, everyone else will notice a better profile page with easier notification control, list of permissions, password change, etc.

Other updates

Among the many other updates and improvements in this upload are the following:

  • the ability to format comments throughout the system.

  • comments can now be seen in isolation (rather than as part of all history) for tasks, risks, projects, etc. Just click the Comments tab on a details page of any of these items.

  • an additional List view on the Calendar, which displays all your tasks in a list, grouped by month. This view also allows you to print the calendar if required.

  • the ability for admin users to choose a setting for how to sort task groups throughout the system, such as by RAG, start date of first task, or alphabetically.

  • improvements to the History (Activity) report, allowing you to just show history for Tasks or Risks, as well as filter specifically by what changed, such as by Due Date, Risk Impact, etc.

  • fixes around permissions, special characters, etc.

  • ...and much more!

As ever, if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at [email protected] 

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