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Update 1st May 2019: Streamlined Notifications and Different Views
Update 1st May 2019: Streamlined Notifications and Different Views
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WeTrack's latest set of changes should make using the system even easier and help you to focus more on the stuff that matters.

The biggest change is to notifications...

  • In the past, you received notifications for every change made to something you owned in WeTrack, even if you were the one making the change. Now you will only be notified for changes made by other users to items you own. This should help cut out some of the noise and make sure that the notifications you get will be ones you want to read! (you can still switch on notifications for when you make updates - just go to the Notifications page and switch it back on...)

The other main change you will notice is a switch on the Tasks (Actions) page called "Show Task Groups"...

  • The Show Task Groups switch allows you to show or hide the task group accordions when filtering tasks on the Tasks page. This means you can see tasks across a number of different projects without having to open each task group to see the tasks they contain. If you are working across multiple projects at any one time, hopefully this will help you see everything that you need in one, focussed view.

Another change to note... Tasks which have sub-tasks will NOT now be automatically updated; only their sub-tasks will be autoupdated, which will in turn update the parent’s RAG. This came about because some sub-tasks were being changed before they should have been, because of the system rule that parent task RAG updates are applied to all sub-tasks. Separating these methods should remove some confusion around autoRAG updates.

There are also improvements to imports, general styling and various other bug fixes.

As ever, if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at [email protected] 

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