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Update 12th September 2018: Overdue Items, Task Baselines and Risk Changes
Update 12th September 2018: Overdue Items, Task Baselines and Risk Changes
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This upload contained various fixes and improvements all around the system, the most obvious of which you will see as soon as you land on the dashboard... in addition to the Upcoming Items widget on the left of the screen, there is now an Overdue Items widget mirroring this on the right. This displays any Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Risks, Issues and Action Steps which are past their due date, with the exception of completed Tasks or closed Risks or Issues. Just click the My Tasks toggle at the top of the screen to get a quick look at what you personally have coming up and what is overdue, straight from the dashboard!

On the Task Details Page, you will see that there is now an additional set of dates called Baseline Dates. When you first create a task, the original start and due dates you choose become the Baseline start and due dates for that task. These baseline dates act as a reference in case start and due dates are then changed, allowing you to see how far before or after the original dates you are. For more info, check out this article.

The last major changes in this release can be seen on the Risk/Issue Details Page. There are now a few more options for adding detailed information to a Risk/Issue, as follows:

  • Baseline RAG: similar to Baseline Dates for Tasks, this is the original impact and likelihood score for a Risk, which cannot be changed.

  • Financial Impact: you can now include information of what the possible cost would be, were this Risk to become an Issue.

  • Action Step Type: differentiate between Mitigation and Contingency Action Steps.

  • Additional Info: an extra tab which allows you to put additional information about a Risk/Issue and format it to a required style.

If you have any feedback or questions about any of this, please get in touch at [email protected]

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