This is the page that appears when you have built your Report(s) and click “Preview”. 

From this page you can View, Edit, Export, Send, and Save your Report(s). 

  • View: Your Report(s) will display, as built. It will state how many rows your Report is; there is the option at the bottom of the page to select how many rows to display on each page. To return to the Report Builder, click “Edit”, at the top of the page; to return to the Report Homepage, click “Cancel”, at the bottom of the page. 
  • Edit: Click “Edit” at the top of the page to return to the “Report Builder”. From here you can choose and apply options as if you are building a Report for the first time
  • Export: Export your Report(s) to PDF or CSV – see more here. Note, this is only currently possible for Tables.
  • Send: Send Reports by Email – see more here
  • Save your Reports: Click “Save as Favourite” to save this Report(s) to your Favourite Reports in your Reporting Homepage. If you have edited an existing report, you will be offered the option to "Overwrite" that saved report or "Save As New" to create a new saved report. Check the "Make Public" box to Suggest this Report to the rest of your team (Admins only). 


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