Within the Reports module are two sub-sections: Favourite Reports and Build Report.

Favourite Reports is your Reporting homepage. Here you can view pre-saved Reports of your choice or view Reports suggested by your team administrators. 

In the top half of the page are your Favourite Reports. The option to save a Report as Favourite is available once you have built and previewed a Report, by clicking “Save as Favourite” in the top right-hand part of the screen.

Click “View” to see a Report, or “Edit” to make changes to it. If you edit an existing saved Report and then come to save it again, you will be offered the choice of overwriting that saved report, or saving your changes as a new favourite report.

To remove a Report from your Favourites, Click the “x” to the right of the Report title. 

In the bottom half of the page are Reports Suggested by your team. This is a very useful tool for the internal sharing of Reports. Other users suggest Reports for you to see; simply click “View” to open them, and then you will be able to Edit or Save as Favourite for your own benefit. 

Only Admins can Suggest Reports for members of their team. When Saving a Report as Favourite, there is a "Make Public" checkbox which, if checked, adds the Report to the Suggested Reports section.

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