Within the Reports module are two sub-sections: Favourite Reports and Build Report.

In Build Report, you first need to choose what it is you want to report on; be it Activity, Departments, Users, Risks & Issues, or anything of your choosing. Choose your type and click “Build”. This will take you to the Report Builder, where you hone your Report. 

In the Creation page are up to six tools through which you build your Report: Filter Dates By, Filters, Columns, and Introductory Notes. 

Section Title: By default, this will match your Report Type. To Edit, simply click "[Report Type]" next to the pencil icon at the top of the Report Builder, type a new Title, and click away to Save. 

Report Type: This will be pre-selected based on what you clicked in the Build Report page, but can be changed in this drop-down menu if you have a change of heart, or when you are building multiple Reports.

Filter Dates By: Depending on the Report Type, a range of options will appear in the clickable drop-down menu. You might be able to filter your Report by Start Date, Due Date, Created or Last Updated.

Filters: You have a whole range of Filters to select from. Clicking the Downwards Arrow next to each Filter Type opens a searchable and scrollable list. Click on the desired Filter to add it, or click the “x” on the applied filter tab to remove it. Select “Clear” to remove all Filters. 

Columns: Click “Choose columns” to select what information is visible in your Report. For each Report Type, a default set of columns are pre-selected – you can modify these to your choosing, by selecting or deselecting columns, or dragging them to change the order in which they will be displayed.

Introductory Notes: In this box you can type text which will appear before your Report. [Note: These Introductory Notes are specific to this individual Report section, rather than any collection of Reports you might end up creating. The Title and Summary that you input in the process of Exporting your Report(s) are separate to this.]

Your Report is ready to go! Click “Preview” to load it immediately, or “Add Another Report Type” to layer multiple reports first, using the same method for each Report section. 

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