If you click on the title of any incident, you will be taken through to the Incident Details Page, which provides full information on any incident, as described below.

At the top of the page, you see the main incident details, those being the Title (in header bar), and context of which Venues/Projects and Departments/FAs it is assigned to, as well as the incident severity and ref code on the right. In the top right, there are also options to edit the incident and access the Incident List, Map View and Reports through the menu dropdown.

Below this, you have the map showing incident location on the left and full details about the incident to the right. Below the incident details are options to mark the incident as complete, move it to the archive (after which it will not appear in summaries) and share the incident. To mark as complete or archive an incident, you have to have the required permissions.

At the bottom of the screen are the tabs for Attachments, and Comments & Activity. Attachments is the tab through which you can add documents and photos to an incident. The Comments & Activity tab is dual purpose. You can make and view comments on a specific incident, as well as like other people's comments or comment on them; it also shows an indelible history of all actions that have happened to an incident, from creation to completion.

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