A whole range of Filters can be selected in the header of the Gantt Chart. These are the key tool to drill down into the information you really wish to observe in timeline form. 

Select the Filters you want to use, and then click ‘Apply Filters’. The Gantt will update, and the number of Filters you have selected will display in the top left of the page. 

View a particular range of dates by selecting the ‘Date Range’ filter. You can filter by Start Date, Due Date or Date Created. Select a defined period such as ‘Last 30 Days’, or manually define a specific date range.

The default zoom level is to Quarters. This can be changed in the ‘Gantt Options’ bar, to Days, Weeks or Months.

Click ‘More’ to select from a larger selection of Filter types, or ‘Clear’ to return to the original, unfiltered Gantt.

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