Before reading this article, make sure to have read our Introduction to Charts

Charts are the second element of our Reporting module, alongside Tables. 

You can view a RAG Status Donut chart for Tasks, Risks or Issues. These give you a simple overview of the RAG Status of your specified criteria. 

This is the Chart Builder:

Once you have selected between Tasks, Risks and Issues, choose from the wide range of filters to refine your criteria to (say) a specific time period or user.

Change the Chart's name or Add any Introductory Notes to precede your Chart, then hit 'Preview' to Build the Chart, or 'Add Chart' or 'Add Table' to Build another Report first. 

This is what the Chart will look like:

Click any colour in the key (perhaps, Grey and Blue ) to remove it from the Bar Chart. Removing Grey and Blue, for example, would only reveal Tasks currently ongoing. 

PDFs are not yet available for Charts, but you can Share by Email, as one might a Table.

Charts sit alongside Tables as the main elements of Reporting. You can layer Charts on top of Tables to give a fuller, more custom Report.

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