There are three main Risk and Issue Reports, two of which can be found in the Snapshot Reports and one in the Export Reports. Details of these reports can be seen below. NOTE: for more general information on Reports, see the Reports section.

Risk List Report (Snapshots)

The Risk List gives an overview of Risk or Issue information within the filter context you set in the Reports control at the top of the screen. You can filter down to certain Departments or Projects, a certain date range, or choose to display only Risks or only Issues. Once you have the required parameters, click "View Report" to see the report in the browser, as per the below image. You can also click "Download" to save it as a PDF or CSV file.

The Risk List displays Risk RAG, Ref Code, Title, Due Date, lists Action Steps, Owner, Department and Project context, and Status.

Risk Summary Report (Snapshots)

The Risk Summary report is a very visual overview of Risk and Issue status across certain Departments, again as designated by the filter parameters you set at the top of the page. An example output can be seen below. Each row shows the Risk/Issue status across a Department, showing the number of each item falling into each RAG colour, Red, Amber, Green and Blue, as well as a total number. Risks have this set of columns on the left, with Issues on the right. See below example - which shows that Broadcast has 1 Amber Risk, 1 Blue Risk (completed/closed) and 1 Red Issue.

Risk/Issue/Action Step Export (Exports)

The Risk Export displays all information about a set of Risks/Issues and their component Action Steps, within the filter parameters of your choosing. This means that you can export a large amount of information and, if you have administration permissions, make bulk changes to the data in a spreadsheet then reimport the changed information into Masar through the Import Manager. The Ref column gives an indication of what is a Risk (Ref code of RSKxxxx), what is an Issue (ISSxxxx) and what is an Action Step belonging to one of these (e.g. RSK0001.001 is the first Action Step for Risk RSK0001).

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