Within the Risk/Issue Details Page, you have the option of adding Action Steps, which are the actions that need to be carried out in order to mitigate or close the parent Risk/Issue. In the bottom half of the page, in the tabs section, the first tab is named Action Steps and this is where you can view, edit and update, add and delete Action Steps for a particular Risk/Issue.

The table of Action Steps has five columns, as follows:

  • Title: What exactly the action is that must be completed. Max. 250 characters.
  • Owner: The person responsible for completing the action. They will be notified of any changes to the Action Step, parent Risk/Issue or other Action Steps in this list.
  • Status: Whether the Action Step is Proposed, Active or Complete. The colour changes from Grey to Green to Blue with those respective statuses.
  • Due: The date by which the Action Step must be completed. This table is always sorted in order of Due Date.
  • Notes: Any update notes on the progress of the Action Step can be added here.

Action Steps can be deleted (by those with permission to do so) by clicking the trash icon on the right of any row.

Adding and Editing Action Steps

To add an Action Step, simply click the + button to the right of the title bar. The popup below will appear, into which you can type the Action Step title and click enter for it to be created.

Newly created Action Steps are assigned the same Due Date as their parent Risk/Issue and always have "Proposed" status. To change either of these, or to edit the Title, Owner or Update Notes, just hover over one of those fields and click on the blue pencil icon which appears to make the desired changes.

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