Adding a Risk or Issue is easy. You can either:

1. Click on the ADD icon in the toolbar and select ADD RISK/ISSUE:

Clicking Add Risk/Issue this way will take you through to the Add Risk/Issue form, which is described in detail below the image of the form and its different components.

  • Title: Enter a title for your Risk/Issue up to a maximum of 250 characters.
  • Make Issue Checkbox: If it is an Issue you are creating (a Risk that is definitely going to happen or is already happening), check this box to automatically set the Likelihood slider to "Issue".
  • Impact/Likelihood Sliders (& Rating box): Set the Impact the Risk/Issue may have and the Likelihood that it will occur using these two sliders. The combination you choose will set the RAG Rating for the Risk/Issue, as indicated by the coloured box in the top right. NOTE: A Risk with 100% chance of happening is an ISSUE.
  • Description: Add further details about the Risk/Issue here.
  • Owner: If you know the person responsible for managing mitigation of or managing this Risk/Issue, assign it to them using this dropdown.
  • Status: Unless you are a Risk Manager, Project Manager or Admin User, you will only be able to create Draft Risks/Issues. If you are one of these things, change the status of the Risk/Issue to Open or Closed here.
  • Departments: Assign one or more Departments that are responsible for or affected by this Risk/Issue.
  • Project: Assign the Project which this Risk/Issue will affect.
  • Due Date: The date by which this Risk/Issue must be mitigated, completed or closed.
  • Confidential: To make this Risk/Issue confidential, and so make it only visible to its owner, Risk Managers, Project Manager and Admin Users, check this box.
  • More: Assign tags to the Risk/Issue here.

2. or quickly add a new Risk or Issue in-line at the bottom of the list on the Risks and Issues homescreen:

For in-line addition of Risks and Issues, simply click 'Add Risk' at the bottom of any Risk/Issue list, entering the Risk/Issue Title into the box that says "Enter Risk title here..." - you can then also select Project, Department, Due Date, and Action Owner before clicking "Save" to log this new Risk/Issue. You can edit any field by hovering over that column and clicking the blue pencil icon.

NOTE: Risks added inline are created as Drafts, and are automatically assigned a Likelihood of "Highly Unlikely" and an Impact of "Negligible". Once they are created you can click on the RAG triangle to update the Impact and Likelihood (and so can turn them into Issues) or click through to the Risk Details to change the status to "Open".

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