You can reach the Risks & Issues homescreen by clicking on the Risks & Issues tab of the left hand menu.

This page is laid out similarly to the Tasks homescreen, with a set of filters which can be used to display only items within chosen parameters, a donut chart showing the proportion of risks and issues of different RAG statuses within those parameters, and below the list of risks and issues themselves.

To use the filters, choose the field you wish to restrict by and select the parameter you want to view. For example, choose a Department to only see the Risks and Issues assigned to a certain Department.

The status filter is set to "Open" by default - to view risks and issues of all statuses, select that option from this dropdown. You can also click on a certain coloured portion of the donut chart to only show risks and issues of that chosen RAG colour.

The list of risks and issues has a header row with the option to only display Risks, Issues or All items in the list below, as well as a search bar to restrict the information below by a certain title keyword.

The list has a separate row for each risk, with the following column headers:

  • Title: Risk or Issue title, which displays the item ref code in a tooltip when hovering over the title. Click on the title to be taken through to the Risk or Issue details page, with full details for that item.
  • Project: The Project which the Risk or Issue affects.
  • Departments: The Department(s) responsible for the Risk or Issue.
  • Status: Whether the Risk or Issue is Draft, Open or Closed.
  • RAG: The RAG status for the Risk of Issue, which is a function of the Risk or Issue's impact and likelihood scores.
  • Due Date: The date by which the Risk or Issue needs to be mitigated or completed.
  • Attachments: If the Risk or Issue has attachments, a paper clip icon will appear here. Click on the icon to view a modal which displays the attachments and allows user to add further items.
  • Comments: Hover over the comments icon to see the latest comments or updates to this Risk or Issue.
  • Owner: The person responsible for mitigating or completing the Risk or Issue.
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