WeTrack allows you to import user profiles in bulk by using one of the predefined templates found on the system. You can reach this template in two ways:

  1. Go to the Import Manager and select "User" as the import type.
  2. From the Users screen (in Settings) there is also a link to Bulk-import Users. From this screen you can also export your current list of users as an XLSX file which can be saved to your computer, edited in line and then imported back into the system by following the below steps.

Once you are in the Import Manager, with "User" as the selected import type, you have the option of downloading the Example Template. Save this to your computer and add the user information you require, following the guidance in the Import Manager carefully with regards to what information goes in which fields.

Once you have entered information for all the new users, save the file and return to the Import Manager, click "Upload File" and locate the file on your computer. WeTrack will then map the columns in your spreadsheet against the relevant predefined fields in the system and verify if all the information is compatible. It will inform you, as in the below image, of how many new items will be created and whether there will be any files overwritten as a result of your import. If you are happy, click "Start Import" and the new users will then be activated in the system.

NOTE: Remember to send these new users invitations to the system from the Users page of System Administration. You can select multiple users and send invites in bulk.

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