The System Data section of the Settings menu allows you to add, edit and delete data items from your system. These items include Departments, Department Categories, three types of Project Category (Category, Type and Tag are the default names), and Task Groups. There is also the option to view Logs for data changes in your system.

The image below shows the different tabs available on this page. Just click on the tab in question and you will be presented with a list of that item type. You have the option to add new items, or edit or delete an item by clicking on its name. The example below shows the tab for Departments, from which you can also export a list of Departments, as well as click on the names of each to assign them to Department Categories.

NOTE: For each of these item types, you will be asked to provide a Ref Code and a Title. The system will not allow duplication of any of these so make sure to choose a different combination for each item you create.

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