There are several options for customising the way that your WeTrack system functions and is displayed. These can be found at Settings > Customise System.

Below are explanations of each of the tabs on this page and the parts of the system you can configure to your needs.

Modules Tab

  • Finance allows you to set and review allocated and actual budgets for Tasks and Projects, as well as produce reports based on this data. Switch this functionality on or off here.
  • Risks and Issues is an additional module on WeTrack. Activate this module here.
  • Task Groups allow the Tasks within Projects to be further grouped into Task Group accordions. Choose whether you would like to use this option here.
  • Notifications can be switched on or off for the whole account here - if they are switched on then each user can configure their own Notifications settings in the Notifications Centre.
  • Dependencies can be enabled for the whole system here. 
  • The Activity Feed can be enabled or disabled here. 

Dashboard and Views Tab

  • Add Weather and/or Countdown: optional. Select a location for which a three-day weather forecast can be displayed on your Dashboard; create a countdown towards your event!
  • Department Categories are an additional way of categorising Departments and then filtering information in the system accordingly. Activate that functionality here and then create Department Categories in the System Data section, before assigning Departments to these categories. You then also have the option of viewing which Dept Category Projects fall under by selecting the option below.
  • Gantt Chart: Choose whether you want your users to have access to the Gantt Chart in the Sidebar menu here, and also choose whether you want to allow the granularity of a Days view in the Gantt Chart.

Language and Tags Tab

  • Date Format: Change the format in which dates are entered and displayed here, according to personal and geographical preferences.
  • Venues: Here you can choose to enable Venues for your system, if different Tasks or Projects will correspond to differing Venues. 
  • Project Tags: Choose whether you would like to be able to assign a third type of Project Tag by switching them on here. Some accounts may want to call this Tag "Goals".

RAG Details Tab 

Details of the autoupdate settings for RAGs can be found in this Tab. The next article in this Collection goes into more detail on this point.

Other Tab 

The final tab allows for configuration of your system images, including logos and login screen photo.

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