This article will guide you through the process of adding a new user onto the WeTrack system. From the "Users" tab of the System Administrator Options menu, click "Add A User", and the options below will appear.

General Tab

  • First Name / Surname: First, enter the user's first name and surname as you would like them to appear in the system.
  • Email Address: Enter the email address that invitations, notifications, etc. from the WeTrack system can go to (usually company email address). This will also provide the user's login username.
  • Level: This can be General or Admin. General users do not have access to system administration settings but their other permissions are completely configurable.
  • Active?: This can toggle whether or not a user is still active within your team. Unticking this will prevent further action from this account.
  • Allowed Filters: If you wish to restrict this new user's access to certain filters, you can set those here.
  • Manager: If this person reports to a certain Manager within your organisation, you can enter this here.

Roles Tab

Select the roles and views you wish this user to have. For details of the roles and what they mean, please see the User Roles article.

Complete the 'General Tab' before moving onto the other tabs. 

Assignments Tab

If you wish to assign this user read or write permission to certain Departments and certain Projects, you can add those here. Additional Roles can be assigned within this write permission context. For more information see the User Assignments article.

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