If you would like to import a large amount of new Tasks to the WeTrack system, you must first go to the Import Manager in the Settings tab.

In the Import Manager, select the Import Type you would like; in this case, Tasks. WeTrack will then provide you with an Example Template to download: click on the Download Example button to save a copy to your computer.

You can now open the spreadsheet on your computer and make changes, adding as many Tasks as you like. The columns are predefined so that when the data is imported back into the WeTrack system everything goes to the right place. To make sure you are putting the right information in the right column, please follow the instructions on the Import Manager screen carefully.

The spreadsheet will look something like the below. As System Administrator, it is up to you to make sure that Project and Department names are predefined along with their codes, so that the context columns can be completed correctly. You can share this template with members of your team and have them fill in the Tasks relating to their Department, as long as they follow the instructions carefully.

Once you have added all the Task information to the spreadsheet, save the file (in XLSX format) and then return to the WeTrack Import Manager. Click on "Upload File", locate the saved spreadsheet on your computer and import the information.

WeTrack will then map the columns in your spreadsheet against the relevant predefined fields in the system and verify if all the information is compatible. It will inform you, as in the below image, of how many new items will be created and whether there will be any files overwritten as a result of your import.

Once you are satisfied that the columns match and that your import is not overwriting other important data, click on "Start Import".

The data will be immediately available in the system - go to the Tasks tab to view the new Tasks you have imported!

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