As a System Administrator, you can import multiple Projects in one go by using the Import Manager and one of WeTrack's import templates. You can access this by going straight to the Import & Export section of the Settings menu and then selecting "Project" as your chosen import type.

As with other imports in WeTrack, it is vital that the data you are trying to upload is in exactly the right format, so it is advisable to download the example template and follow the instructions for how to use it closely (these can be seen on the Import Manager screen below the above options). Once you have saved the template to your computer, you can input the information you need to upload.

When you are finished and happy that all the information is correct and compatible with the WeTrack system, save the file to your computer and return to the Import Manager. Locate the file on your computer and you will then be asked to map the columns against the equivalent WeTrack columns. When you are happy that they match, click "Start Import" to complete the process. (WeTrack will advise you if there are any mismatches and you can then return to your file to make changes, if necessary).

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