To create new items, such as a large set of Tasks, Users, etc. you must go to the Import Manager, found in Settings. In the Import Manager, you can choose what sort of import you would like to do and download the relevant template for that import type. Save the template onto your computer, populate it with your own data as appropriate (and as described on the Import Manager when you download it) before importing it back into the system.

Import Types:

These are the types of import available on the drop down menu in the Import Manager. For each of the below, there is a separate template and instructions on how to complete the template.

  • Task
  • Risk
  • User
  • Project
  • Department
  • Task Group

Once you come to import your file into the system, the column headers will be automatically matched to those in the system if they are correct. If they are not matching correctly make sure you don’t have any incorrect or excess columns. Below is an example of the column matching screen for an import of Tasks to the system:

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