If you have been given Admin level access to your company or event's WeTrack system, then you are able to control and customise a large amount of data and the way it is displayed. See the further articles in the System Admin section of this support site to see what is possible.

To access the options available to System Administrators, go to the Settings tab on the Sidebar and select from any of the buttons below.

These different options offer the following possibilities:

  • Import & Export: Allows for bulk import of Tasks, Projects, Users, etc. Templates are available for upload and full instructions provided.
  • Users: The hub for viewing, adding and editing any users on the system, their permissions and assignments (what they can see and edit). You must be a "User Manager" to make changes in this area.
  • Notifications: The only part of the Settings menu available to everyone - this is where every user can control the frequency of notification they receive for various actions within the system.
  • Archive Manager: View archived Tasks, Projects and Departments, select any of those that you wish to add to the archive or reinstate into the main system.
  • System Data: The hub for controlling all data types in your system, allowing you to add and edit Project Tags, Departments and Department Categories, Task Groups, etc. You can also view system logs in this area.
  • Customise System: Choose which modules and options you want to appear in the system, customise the look and feel of the dashboard, images and other views, edit rules for auto-update of Task RAGs.
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