Adding a Task is easy. You can either:

1. Click on the ADD icon in the toolbar and select ADD NEW TASK:

2. or quickly add a new Task in-line at the bottom of any list of Tasks:

For in-line addition of Tasks, you can just type the information you require straight into the new row at the bottom of any Task list, entering the Task Title into the box that says "Type task title here..." - you can then also select Department, Start and End Date, as well as Action Owner, before clicking "Save" to log this new Task (NOTE: If you are adding a Task within a Task Group, the Project will be pre-selected based on that context). If you wish to add more details to this Task, such as Milestone Status, secondary Department(s) and Action Owner(s), or Dependencies, you can click "Save & More Options", which will take the information you have already entered through to the Add Task form.

If you follow this step, or if you click on Add Task in the toolbar as described in (1.), you will be taken through to the Add Task form, which is described in detail below. There are several different components of filling in the form and different parameters that can be attributed to a Task.

Primary Options

  • Title: Enter a title for your Task. This should be a brief summary of the Task that distinguishes it from other Tasks. Bear in mind that Task titles that are too long will be truncated on certain screens if the width is restricted.
  • Department/Project/Task Group: These drop-down boxes allow you to enter the Department(s) that are responsible for executing the Task (the first selected will become the primary Department owner and its Ref Code give the Task its Ref Code, the others secondary), as well as the Project and the Task Group in which the Task sits.
  • Action Owner(s): If one or more people is ultimately responsible for the Task, you can select their name(s) here. They will be notified when details, status, etc. relating to this Task change.
  • Start / Due Date: Select the planned time period for your Task.
  • Milestone: Check this box if this Task is a Milestone in the specified Project. You will be given the choice of whether this is a Portfolio Milestone or a Standard Milestone.

You can then click "Save & Exit" if you have entered all the information needed, or click "More" to expand the below additional Task options:

Additional Options

  • Tags: If you system has Tags such as Client Group or Health and Safety Tags set up, select these at Task level here.
  • Priority: Please select the appropriate priority from the drop-down list. Default Priority is set to Medium, if you add a Task in-line or do not expand the further options.
  • Description: You can enter optional further details about the Task here. This information will only be visible when you click through to the Task Details.

Once all information has been entered, please click Save & Exit to log the Task and view a summary.

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