If you click on the title/name of a Task from anywhere in WeTrack, you will be taken to the Task Details Page for that Task. This page provides full information about the Task and any Sub-Tasks to which it is parent, and this article explains the different parts of the page. This page is the same for Sub-Task Details, except that a Sub-Task will also have details of its "parent" Task displayed, and cannot contain any "sub-sub-tasks".

Title Area

The top of the Task Details Page contains the Task Title and an option to edit the Task, if you have permission. Below the Task Title sits the context hierarchy for that Task. This hierarchy shows the Project, Task Group and Department(s) for the Task and the names of each of these are clickable links which will take you through to other parts of the system relevant to that context, such as the Project Details Page, or a list of Tasks filtered to the Department you have clicked on.

To the right of this box sits the Ref Code for the Task, along with its current RAG Status. The Action Owners (hover over the bubbles for full user names) for the Task and its milestone status can be found in the next section, with a description for the Task below that.

Details Area (Right hand panel)

The right hand panel gives other details for the Task, including Start and End Date with a bar showing how many days are remaining (this changes colour according to the proximity to Due Date). Below can be seen any Tags that have been selected for the Task, if they have been chosen on your account, followed by Dependency information. Finally are options to Share the Task, and to Archive or Delete the Task, if you have permission to perform these actions.

NOTE: Deleting a Task will delete all of its constituent Sub-Tasks.


The next section on the Task Details page are the tabs, one for each of Sub-Tasks, Attachments, Dependencies, and Comments & Activity (and Linked Risks if you have Risks & Issues enabled). The first tab contains the list of Sub-Tasks to which the Task is parent (as indicated by the summary above). You can update RAGs direct from this list or click on the Sub-Task title to view more details and to attach files, etc.

The next tab shows any attachments or documents that have been uploaded to this Task, along with a link to upload new files by clicking the + button. Attachments can be downloaded/viewed by anyone with read access, and can be edited or deleted if you have write access.

Next is the dependencies tab, displaying any tasks that depend on this Task, and any tasks that this Task depends on.

If Risks & Issues are enabled, the next tab will display Risks linked to the Task.

The final tab is the Comments & Activity thread, showing not only general comments on the Task but also RAG updates (as comments can also be provided when updating the RAG, and indeed have to be when changing to Red or Amber). Further comments can be added as needed and the Action Owner of the Task will be notified of these comments.

The same tab also acts as the Task History, an indelible record for each Task of any change made to the Task from creation onwards. This section shows the History, including RAG updates, name and date changes, and any changes to dependencies made to this Task.

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