Only System Administrators and those with the "Write Admin" permissions role have the ability to create new Projects in WeTrack. There are two ways of creating new Projects: you can create them individually in the system, as will be described here, or you can import Projects in bulk, as described in the Bulk Import of Projects solution.

To add a new Project (if you have admin permissions) just click on the plus (+) symbol on the toolbar at the top of any screen and select "Add Project".

This will take you through to the following screen. Each of the possible fields for a new Project are explained below:

  • Title: Your chosen title for the Project. This will be the name displayed on most screens on the system so should not be too long and should be very clear what Project it is describing.
  • Description: If you wish to add further details or context for the Project, this can be entered here.
  • REF: This is the short Reference Code used to describe the Project. On some screens the REF will be displayed rather than the Project Title, so it should be easy for your users to know which REF relates to which Project.
  • Due Date/Fixed: If your Project's preparation must be completed by a certain date, check this box and enter the date in the field below.
  • Project Manager: If this Project is ultimately the responsibility of one or more people, you can check their names here from a list of employees.
  • Department Lead: If one Department holds ultimate responsibility for the completion of this Project, select them from this drop-down list.
  • Project Category: You may wish to categorise your Projects in additional ways, such as by Category or Type - examples of what these might be are location, specific event, etc. The language for these options can be localised and must be set up in the Project Categories section of the System Administration menu.
  • Venue: You may wish to select a venue for the Project. 
  • Read/Write Users: In order to grant specific Write assignments to certain users, select them in this drop-down list. This can also be done from the user's page in the admin section.
  • Confidential: If you wish to set a Project as Confidential and restrict access only to admin users and those who have been assigned specific access, check this box. For more info on Confidential Projects, see the corresponding article.
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