The Tasks Tab on the Sidebar takes you to the Tasks Homescreen which gives you a summary of all your Tasks across all Projects.

The page is split into an upper section, with filters and a Task summary, as well as other options, and a lower section which lists all the Tasks individually and provides key information on each.

Upper Section

In the upper section shown in the above screenshot, the following features and options can be seen:

  • Filters: Filters can be applied across multiple parameters here and, once applied, will be reflected in the Task List below. For more information on how the filters work in WeTrack™ please see the article on Filters.
  • Task Summary / Report: This chart provides a visual summary of the Tasks as selected in the filters. Tasks are broken down by their respective RAG Status into a proportional pie chart.

Note: To quickly view only the Tasks for which you are Action Owner, you can use the All Tasks / My Tasks toggle in the Toolbar menu.

Lower Section / Task List

In the lower section or Task List shown in the above screenshot, a list of the Tasks appears, as designated by the filters you have applied above. These Tasks are grouped into their Task Groups, which will only appear if they contain Tasks within the parameters set by the filters. The Task Group's name appears first, with the Project in which it sits in brackets afterwards (Project name is hidden on smaller screens). To view the Tasks within each Task Group, simply click on the bar to expand it. The columns within represent the following information (from left to right):

  • Title: This is the Task's title (which may be truncated if it is too long to fit the width of the screen). Click on the Task name to access full details of that Task. Hovering over the Task Title will produce a tooltip showing the Ref Code for that Task. Each Task and Sub-Task has a unique code. The first three digits correspond to the the short code of the Functional Area that has ultimate responsibility for that Task. NOTE: Not all Departments' Tasks will begin at 0001 - they may have a secondary ownership of other Tasks, in which case they would start at a higher number.
  • Departments: The Department(s) responsible for this Task.
  • RAG: The current RAG Status of the Task. This can be edited from this view simply by clicking on the RAG colour, with the usual proviso that you must provide a comment if turning the Task Amber or Red.
  • Start Date: The date that this Task is due to be started.
  • Due Date: The date that this Task is due to be completed. If the Task has dependencies, this is the date at which those Tasks are expected to be started.
  • Action Owner: If one or more individuals are responsible for the Task, these can be seen here (bubbles with the individual's initials will appear).
  • Comments: Hover over the speech bubble icon in this column, if there is one, to see latest comments and activity on a Task.
  • Attachments / Documents: If there are any attachments or documents for the Task, these can be viewed by clicking the paper clip icon.
  • Expand Sub-Tasks: The penultimate column reveals a down arrow if there are Sub-Tasks associated with that Task. Clicking this arrow will reveal all associated Sub-Tasks.
  • Edit In-Line: Hover over a Task's Title, Department, Start Date, Due Date or Action Owner to reveal a small blue pencil icon. Click this to edit any details quickly and easily, and then simply click away to save. 
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