If you click on the name of a Project from the Projects list or from elsewhere in WeTrack, you will be taken to the Project Details Page for that Project. This page gives an overall summary of that Project, the Tasks it contains, as well as the people and groups responsible for its completion.

The information bar at the top of the Project Details Page looks like the below and contains the following: Project name and description, if applicable; details of Ref Code and overall RAG status, Department Lead and Due Date, as well as Project assignments/tags; current RAG status of the tasks within the Project and Project Managers; and a dropdown menu with links to view a Gantt Chart or filterable list of Tasks for that Project, as well as the option to edit the Project, if you have permission.

Below this header you will see tabs for Tasks, Attachments and Comments & Activity - if you have been granted Write access to this Project, clicking on one of these tabs will let you view, add and edit items in those different areas.

The Tasks tab will show all the Task Groups, Tasks and Sub-Tasks contained within that Project. From this list you can add, edit and delete Task Groups, as well as add, edit and update the Tasks they contain.

To add a new Task Group, simply click on the "Add New Task Group" bar at the bottom of the list of Task Groups and enter the desired name (which can be up to 60 characters in length). Each Task Group bar also has the option to edit the name of the Task Group, or to delete it and the Tasks it contains.

To add a new Task, first choose and expand the Task Group you wish to add a Task to and then use the additional row at the bottom of the list of Tasks to enter details, starting with the Task title where it says "Type task title here...". The Project will be pre-selected as you are in the Project Details Page already, while if the Project has a Department Lead that will also be pre-selected. You can then also enter Start and Due Date, as well as Action Owner, and then either Save the new Task or click "..." to save and enter further details, such as secondary Departments, Milestone status or Dependencies.

To edit Tasks, just click on the "Edit" button on the right of the Task row and then edit Task title, or Start and Due dates as needed. Click on the Task title to view and edit full Task details.

To update the RAG of a Task, just click on the RAG bubble on the appropriate Task row and choose the new RAG colour, being sure to add a comment first if changing to Red or Amber.

The Attachments tab allows you to upload a file directly into the Project.

The Comments & Activity tab allows you to make any comments about the Project, and also acts as an indelible record of the Project's history. 

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