The Projects Tab on the Sidebar takes you to the Projects Homescreen which gives you a summary of all your Projects.

This summary includes (from left to right column in the graphic below) the Reference Code and name of each Project, the overall RAG Status, an overview of the Tasks by RAG Status, the allocated Project Manager(s), Department Lead, any comments or attachments, as well as a quick link to the Gantt Chart for that Project.

At the top of the page you can toggle views to see either all Projects or only those for which you are Project Manager, download a PDF summary of all Projects, as well as apply varied filters to the information below.

Beneath the Project list you can choose to view more items in the list, or check the "Include Empty Projects" checkbox to also see empty Projects, in case you want to start adding Tasks to them.

NOTE: The circles in the Tasks column show how many Tasks have each RAG Status for a certain project. They are only sized proportionally to one another across a row, rather than across the whole page. This means that if one Project has a very large number of items, the circles in all the other Projects will not be indistinguishably small! Click on any coloured circle to see those Tasks that have that RAG Status for a specific Project.

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