There are different types of filters across the WeTrack system allowing for great flexibility of how you view information about your Projects, Tasks, Departments, etc.

These are ‘AND’ filters, rather than ‘OR’ filters: if you add multiple parameters to the filters, WeTrack will only return the results that match ALL the selected parameters.

General Filter (below): This filter can be found on the Dashboard, Project List, Reports, Gantt Chart and Calendar. These filters work in pairs: select the filter type (left hand drop down) you wish to use and then the setting of that filter (right hand drop down). Once you have a combination of filters that you like and think you will use again and again, you have the option of saving the view for quick repeat access.

If you wish to add a second filter type (or a second option of the same type) select the PLUS sign and a new row will appear. To remove a row of filters, click on the DELETE icon (trash) and the page will update automatically.

Tasks Page Filter (below): On the Tasks page, the filters are straightforward drop-down menus allowing you to select multiple parameters. Once you select a filter, a green tick will appear alongside that parameter so that you know which fields are restricted. To remove all filters, click on the reset button at the top of the filter box.

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