The Toolbar at the top of the screen and the Sidebar on the left of the screen provide quick links to all parts of the WeTrack system. The different links are explained below.

General Options for the Sidebar:

  • Dashboard: The homepage of WeTrack with customisable summaries of Projects, Tasks, etc.
  • Projects: View and sort all Projects and Tasks; view RAG status, delivery dates, project managers and department leads.
  • Departments: View and filter visual summaries of Task RAG status across Departments.
  • Tasks: View and edit Tasks and Sub-Tasks and check status; filter Task List by multiple fields.
  • Reports: Choose from a large range of customisable Report templates and send to stakeholders.
  • Activity: View a feed of all activity within your account for the last 30 days.
  • Settings: Access and manage your details and notifications, or administrator settings if applicable.

Additional options for the Sidebar:

(These also exist, depending on your system administrators' preferences)

  • Risks and Issues: Create a register of Risks and Issues for your Project, allowing greater security of delivery.
  • Incidents: If your system has the Incident Management System enabled, this can be accessed here.
  • Trends: Set up trend analysis within your system to spot where things are going wrong more easily.

General Options for the Toolbar:

  • Calendar: Access the Calendar view with Tasks shown per day by their Start and Due date.
  • Gantt Chart: View and export customisable Gantt Charts for your Projects; identify Critical Path.
  • All Tasks/My Tasks: Toggle which allows you to view only the Tasks for which you are Action Owner on any page of the system.
  • Search System: A quick search function allowing you to search any Project, Task, etc. by keyword.
  • Quick Add Button: A link to quickly add new Tasks and Projects.
  • Views: Toggle Full Screen view or access the D3 Task Visualiser.
  • Share This Page: To email another user of WeTrack the exact page you are looking at, anywhere in the system, click this button.
  • Support: A quick link to the support portal (you seem to have found us already!)
  • Account Settings: Click on your avatar to view and edit your Profile, Notification Settings, or Log Out.

NOTE: On a tablet or mobile, the Toolbar and Sidebar menu are incorporated into the general menu.

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